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Illuminated Countertops & Makers of SLABlite & SIGNlite

Through innovative design that uses LED technology, TylerCo has developed and is currently delivering a proprietary system that reduces KW energy consumption by more than 80% over fluorescent lighting without sacrificing illumination. Our product utilizes LED technology distinctively, with enough versatility that broad areas of application are possible, even in areas where lighting of any sort was impossible.

The invention of SIGNlite revolutionized the way signs are illuminated. In addition to the ability to evenly light virtually everything, the cost to light areas is a fraction of what it used to be. Now, rather than the light box method of lighting a sign, SIGNlite can be custom made to fit any sign, lying just behind the actual Sign. The SIGNlite is just 3/8” and the finished look is a completely evenly lit sign surface. Our SIGNlite runs on a 12 volt system and require only 2 watts of power per square foot.

Southern California Edison has inducted TylerCo’s SIGNlite in their Trio program. The Technology Research Incubator Outreach Program (TRIO), SCE performed a E3, (Cost Effectiveness Calculator), screening, prepared by the California Lighting Technology Center at University of California, Davis. Professors Michael Siminovitch of the University of California, Davis who presented on adaptive lighting at Strategies in Light in Hong Kong on May 12, 2011 has reviewed TylerCo’s technology. TylerCo received a score of 3.28 out of a possible 4 on Edison’s Cost Effectiveness Calculator. Edison stated that they will explore a company with a rating of 1, they will move a company forward with a score between 1 and 2. They said they never had a company’s product score as high as TylerCo’s. We installed our SIGNlite at Edison’s CTAC Energy Center. With our UL certification Edison will deem our products and install them into their cord programs.

TylerCo, Inc. by patented means has encapsulated the light guide allowing this light source to become environmentally usable. It is now waterproof, dust proof, and we found that because the LEDs generate so little heat, the encapsulation absorbed the heat so there is virtually no heat coming from our light panels.

Providing an even lighting effect, eliminating “hot spots” of light; Having a single light source with a 20 year/200,000 hour lifespan; Our SIGNlite is a 12 volt system and require only 2 watts of power per square foot.

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